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Jun 16th, By Amber Hensley The differences between women and men are not only well-documented, but frequently at the heart of jokes, anecdotes, and good-natured and not so good-natured ribbing. Women tend to communicate more effectively than men, focusing on how to create a solution that works for the group, talking through issues, and utilizes non-verbal cues such as tone, emotion, and empathy whereas men tend to be more task-oriented, less talkative, and more isolated. Men have a more difficult time understanding emotions that are not explicitly verbalized, while women tend to intuit emotions and emotional cues. These differences explain why men and women sometimes have difficulty communicating and why men-to-men friendships look different from friendships among women. Men tend to process better in the left hemisphere of the brain while women tend to process equally well between the two hemispheres. This difference explains why men are generally stronger with left-brain activities and approach problem-solving from a task-oriented perspective while women typically solve problems more creatively and are more aware of feelings while communicating. An area of the brain called the inferior-parietal lobule IPL is typically significantly larger in men , especially on the left side, than in women. This section of the brain is thought to control mental mathematical ability, and probably explains why men frequently perform higher in mathematical tasks than do women. The IPL also processes sensory information, and the larger right side in women allows them to focus on, “specific stimuli, such as a baby crying in the night. Men tend to have a “fight or flight” response to stress situations while women seem to approach these situations with a “tend and befriend” strategy.

100 Brain Teasers With Answers for Kids and Adults

Share this article Share The teenager, who was flying with BA to Nice with her father and a friend, later suffered a cardiac arrest on board and died in a French hospital. The inquest into her death began this week. Tom, who helps run The Amy May Trust on his cousin’s behalf, said: Amy’s family said when they heard about Natasha’s death they had the ‘same feeling’ as when Amy died. Pret products do not have to be individually labelled with allergen or ingredient information.

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Keep a Dream Journal As soon as you wake up from a dream, write down every little thing you can remember about it. Supposedly by writing it down, your brain recognizes certain patterns that only occur in a dream since most dreams are immediately forgotten and if they are on paper, you can recall them easily. Think about exactly what you want to dream right before you fall asleep.

For instance you’ve probably fallen asleep watching MythBusters before and immediately dreamed you were flying through the air, using a giant version of Jamie’s mustache as a hang glider. Continue Reading Below Advertisement 3. The best time to have a lucid dream is either right before you regularly wake up, or right after. Studies have shown that more people have lucid dreams when they take a nap shortly after they first wake up in the morning.

So you can do all that, or if you are the lazy type, get yourself something like the NovaDreamer , a device that detects when you’ve entered REM sleep and then makes a noise that’s supposed to be not quite enough to wake you up, but enough to raise your awareness to, “Hey, this is totally a dream I’m having! Obviously the big difference between a dream and real life is that if the Hamburglar came bursting out of your refrigerator right now and started screaming at you in Vietnamese, your first thought would be “This is a strange and unusual event that is occurring right now, and I should question my perceptions.

Yes, Mel Gibson is dressed like Colonel Sanders. No, this is not a dream. Continue Reading Below Advertisement In a dream state, your mind mostly loses the ability to criticize anything that’s happening because dreaming just doesn’t involve the critical part of your brain.

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There have been several theories over the years about why some people favour their left hand. A study from last year has shown that it might be nothing to do with your brain. Rather, it could be determined by your spinal cord while you are in the womb. Left-handed people haven’t always been treated very well throughout history. In fact, the word “sinister” derives from “left” or “left-hand. It’s down to the spinal cord — not the brain Research since the s has shown that our preference for being left or right-handed is probably determined in the womb before we are born, as early as the eighth week of pregnancy, according to ultrasound scans.

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A new study suggests that commercial brain training computer games have no effect on cognitive function. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that they also have no effect on decision-making. They hoped commercial brain training regimes could reduce individuals’ propensity to make risky or impulsive choices. Dr Lerman’s prior work had shown that engagement of brain circuits involved in self-control predicts whether people can refrain from smoking.

They also knew that this behaviour is likely mediated by a set of brain structures in the dorsolateral prefrontal area of the brain that have been associated with performance on the executive function tasks, like the ones in the Lumosity battery. One group was asked to follow a brain training regimen, performing the executive function games for 30 minutes a day, five days a week for ten weeks.

The other group followed the same schedule but played online video games instead. Both groups were told that the study was investigating whether playing online video games improves cognition and changes one’s decision-making. The researchers had two assessments of decision-making that participants completed before and after the training regimen. To assess impulsive decision-making, the participants were asked to choose between smaller rewards now and larger rewards later.

Totest risky decision-making, they were asked to choose between larger rewards at a lower probability versus smaller rewards at a higher probability. The researchers found that the training didn’t induce any changes in brain activity or decision-making during these tasks. The participants were also asked to complete a series of cognitive tests that were not part of the training to see if the program had any effect on their general cognitive abilities.

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Each episode saw The Brain devise an elaborate, improbable scheme for world domination, only be foiled in the end due to some unforeseeable twist of fate, or occasionally his own blundering arrogance. On one or two occasions he actually succeeded in taking over the world, but with some kind of unacceptable side-effect that sent him back to the drawing board. By contrast, many episodes had his schemes barely even getting off the ground, and the story centered around his attempts just to get Step One going.

A brainteaser is a type of riddle that makes one think outside the box. Some brainteasers are easy, some are a little harder, and some can really make you ponder for a while. Often, when you finally hear the answer, you feel ignorant or silly, because it should have been obvious to you.

Working with experts from other disciplines, she extensively documented brain slices with a magnetic resonance imaging scanner. Wagner’s lithograph of Fuchs’s brain dating from left and his copperplate of Gauss’s brain dating from right exhibit clear differences. The middle image is a recent MRI surface reconstruction of Gauss’s brain. The divided central fissure of the left hemisphere is highlighted in yellow. Renate Schweizer monitors the measurements as the internal tissue comes into view layer by layer.

Then she carefully places another brain on the examination table, more commonly used to slowly move test subjects into the “tube”. The two scientists’ brains had been switched many years ago, and so they need to be documented again,” says Schweizer, a biologist and psychologist, describing the surprising findings of her investigations.

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Anarchism and religion and Christian left The original French left-wing was anti-clerical , opposing the influence of the Roman Catholic Church and supporting the separation of church and state. It is the opium of the people “. In , “ten Orthodox hierarchs were summarily shot” and “children were deprived of any religious education outside the home”.

However, religious beliefs have also been associated with some left-wing movements, such as the civil rights movement and the anti- capital punishment movement. Early socialist thinkers such as Robert Owen , Charles Fourier and the Comte de Saint-Simon based their theories of socialism upon Christian principles. Augustine of Hippo ‘s City of God through St.

Alas, due to Executive Meddling, the show was eventually turned into Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain — curiously premiering when several episodes of the original still had yet to air and thus briefly airing concurrently. See that page for more information.

Your left brain has a bigger ego than your right brain Psychologists have used an inventive combination of techniques to show that the left half of the brain has more self-esteem than the right half. The finding is consistent with earlier research showing that the left hemisphere is associated more with positive, approach-related emotions, whereas the right hemisphere is associated more with negative emotions.

This compares how readily participants associate themselves or other people with positive words like ‘capable’ and negative words like ‘boring’. Forty-six participants used keyboard keys to categorise words as self-related e. To take one example, people with high self-esteem should be relatively quicker when the same response key is used to categorise self-words and positive words, than when the same key is used to categorise other-related and positive words. A key twist to this study is that McKay’s team used an auditory version of the IAT – the first time this has ever been done.

Specifically, they used so-called ‘ dichotic presentation ‘ such that when a word was presented via headphones to one ear, the same word was played backwards to the other ear. This has the effect of ensuring that the word is only processed by the hemisphere opposite the presenting ear, thus allowing the participants to perform the IAT test with just one hemisphere at a time.

As you’d expect, a participant’s self-esteem as measured via one hemisphere tended to correlate with their self-esteem as measured via the other hemisphere. More intriguingly, however, a consistent finding was that participants clocked up higher self-esteem scores when hearing words via their right ear processed by the left hemisphere compared with via their left ear processed by the right hemisphere.

100 Brain Teasers With Answers for Kids and Adults

Respiratory conditions which interfere with proper breathing Suffocation Illegal drug use Symptoms of Anoxic Brain Injury Usually HAI will begin with a loss of consciousness or a coma, although this is not always the case. A coma resembles sleep, but the person will not wake up when called or stimulated in some way. The extent and type of symptoms depend on the amount of brain tissue damage and part of the brain where the injury occurred.

Cognitive Problems with Anoxia Short-term memory loss.

Jun 10,  · Your brain is 60 percent fat, and thanks to all that blubber, it’s the first organ to melt away after you ’s why archaeologists find so many skulls but so few brains. Most of them liquefied long before we could dig them up. But every so often, scientists discover a brain dating back .

Leadership Team from left to right: Susan, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? After being told that Kristin was schizophrenic and needed long term mental health care, we began a journey to find how who and what would be helpful to our daughter. We were shocked to find the resources to be scarce and the living facilities available to our daughter were way less than adequate. Our experience within the county mental health system often made us wonder who the patient was.

We went through conservatorships, dual diagnosis facilities, psychologists, psychiatrists, truckloads of paper work and were given no real answers to our need for true caring help for Kristin.

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But what about your brain? These products are based on the belief that the left and right hemispheres are polar opposites. The left brain is often characterised as your intelligent side: But creative types, from artists to writers, are right-brained.

Obama is left-handed (Image: REUTERS) How many people are left and right-handed? Just 12 per cent of the world’s population are left handed – and twice as many men as women.

In a society where gender equality is often put to the test in the workplace, in relationship clashes and marriage dynamics, has anyone bothered to think about what makes males different from females? The answer, of course, has to do with more than just the psychological profile but something deeper—the biological makeup of the brain itself. First, males have larger brains than females.

A larger brain does a better job of controlling the muscle groups which are more extensive in males than in females. Secondly, each sex tends to specialize in a certain brain hemisphere. Most males have dominant left-brain hemispheres, while women tend to have balanced left-and-right brain hemispheres. As a result, females score better in communication and are superior in intuition than males. The dominance of the left-brain hemisphere in males makes them less adept in social matters.

Have you ever heard of EQ before? Females tend to score better at EQ and express their emotional problems readily, while males have difficulty sensing non-verbal, emotional cues. The sharp difference between EQs leads to petty fights and major arguments between the sexes. Also, the balanced use of both brain hemispheres makes women adept at language learning, while males find it difficult because they favor the left hemisphere.

Thirdly, males score higher in math than females.

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Enlarge This brain scan show how the youngster’s right side of the brain did not develop A year-old girl born with half a brain has both fields of vision in one eye, scientists said today. The youngster, from Germany, has the power of both a right and left eye in the single organ in the only known case of its kind in the world. Visual information is gathered by the retina at the back of the eye and images are inverted when they pass through the lens of the pupil. Normally the left and right fields of vision are processed and mapped by opposite sides of the brain, but scans on the German girl showed that retinal nerve fibres that should go to the right hemisphere of the brain diverted to the left.

Doctors believe the girl’s brain rewired itself after the right side failed to develop properly in the womb Lead author Dr Lars Muckli said:

Neurotechnology is any technology that has a fundamental influence on how people understand the brain and various aspects of consciousness, thought, and higher order activities in the also includes technologies that are designed to improve and repair brain function and allow researchers and clinicians to visualize the brain.

Share via Email Louise Krug with her husband and baby. After a bleed in my brain rendered me with sudden disability and facial paralysis at the age of 22 , perhaps I should have found it troubling that my biggest concern was how I would find a boyfriend. Relearning how to walk, dress myself and drive – sure, that was important, but I thought the key to feeling “normal” was being desirable romantically.

Going from not having to think about finding a boyfriend to wondering who would want me was painful. I began looking for someone while I still walked with a cane, the shaved part of my scalp was still growing back, and I had tape over one lens of my glasses to correct my double vision. Small wonder it was tough.

Before my brain surgery, I’d always had a boyfriend. In college I dated the different stereotypes: Eventually, I got serious with a fellow aspiring journalist and we moved out to California after graduation to start our careers, but after the operations we broke up.

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